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Musician and collaborator from Brighton, UK. I have been a musician for many years, previously as part of a group, and more recently as a solo artist writing and producing my own music. Exploding Galaxy Recordings is now my own official independent label so there will be regular releases every year.

I write and perform original music, composed and arranged in a unique way. The guitar is my main instrument but I also play keys, bass guitar and enjoy experimenting with new sounds. I work with other artists including vocalists and other musicians. Any music I make is released right here, sometimes exclusively on Bandcamp.

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The future health of music lies with independent artists and we need music fans to support us in our creative work.

Thank you, Paul.

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      A new solo E.P. will be released August 25th entit... Aug 17, 2017
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      New single by Kloba Kent to be released May 26th f... May 11, 2017
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      New single by Kloba Kent to be released Monday 9th... Jan 3, 2017
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Exploding Galaxy Recordings
Brighton, UK
EGR is a music making project run by guitarist and composer Paul Kent. For solo projects and collaborating with other artists. If you like please support!

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